Guys and Dolls Jr. (2016)

Based on a story and characters by Damon Runyon
Music and Lyrics by Frank Loesser
Book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows


Four performances of Guys and Dolls Jr. were held on June 1-5, 2016 in the Lambert High School Theater (805 Nichols Rd, Suwanee, GA).

Graphic Artwork: Efrain Davila Jr

2016 Junior Theater Festival - Outstanding Production!

The Play On Players cast of Guys and Dolls Jr. won the "Outstanding Production" award at the annual Junior Theater Festival in Atlanta, GA (January 15-17, 2016).

115 teams from 26 states (and multiple countries as far away as New Zealand) competed at the 2016 JTF (5,850 festival attendees)!

Congratulations to all of our award winners at JTF 2016!

Outstanding Production: Play On Players

The Broadway Junior Spirit Award: Haden Rider, Carly Berg

All Star Cast: Seth Martin, Halli Rider

Golden Ticket for the Choreography DVD audition: Brooke Blackwell, Emily Combs, Lauren Hill, Dean McKenzie, Cat Peets, Jack Skeean

Broadway Jr Slam: Grant Key, Tess Luman

Watch the team's adjudication performance

Performance for 5,850 Festival Attendees

Production Team and Crew

Directors:Haden Rider, Carly Ann Berg
Choreographer:Carly Ann Berg
Music Director:Haden Rider
Stage Manager:Lauren Waycaster
Assistant Stage Manager:Alden Kennedy
Costume Design:Kawanna Martin
Set Design:Deangela Chastain
Lighting Design:Jody Key, Brie Scott
Sound Design:David Heslin
Rehearsal Moms:Jody Key, Terri Rider
Dance Captain:Tess Luman
Costume Assistant:Julia Veiga
Marketing:Beth Luman, Dan Berg
Concessions:Tammy Ford
Hair:Allen Story
Light Board Operator:Brie Scott
Spot Operator:Larsen Kennedy
Sound Board Operator:David Heslin
Tracks:Isaac St. Laurent
House Manager:Morgan Coolick
Run Crew:Evan Olsem, Alden Kennedy, Cast
Costume Crew:Kawanna Martin, Julia Veiga, Kim Shanks, Cat Peets, Judy Towe, Connie Hinkle, Christy Blackwell, Stephen & Sallie Jackson, Alicia Croxton Dutton, Lori Barron, Holly Stewart, Morgan Coolick
Set Building & Moving:Deangela Chastain, Paul Goebel, Susan Haddon, Asa Chastain, Miriam Chastain, Zollie Chastain, Dan Berg, Stacy & Craig Neff, Josie Schaedel, Lauren Neese, Alicia Croxton Dutton, Cat Peets, Roland Chastain, Vincent Tillirson, Jack Skeean, Ryan Lynch

Cast of Guys and Dolls Jr.

Sky Masterson:Alec Beard
Nathan Detroit:Jack Skeean
Sarah Brown:Lauren Hill
Miss Adelaide:Brooke Blackwell
Nicely-Nicely:Cameron Lineberry
Benny Southstreet:Dean McKenzie
Rusty Charlie:Ryan Lynch
Harry the Horse:Grant Key
Lt. Brannigan:Grant Barron
General Cartwright:Emily Combs
Big Jule:Seth Martin
Angie the Ox:Josiah Jackson
Arvide:Tucker Buffington
Mimi:Danielle Heslin
Master of Ceremonies:Holden Shanks

"Fugue For Tinhorns" Singers:
Dane Croxton, Dean McKenzie, Ryan Lynch

"Guys and Dolls" Singers:

Dean McKenzie, Ryan Lynch, Thomas McFerran, Cameron Lineberry, Dane Croxton

Hot Box Girls:

Miriam Chastain, Emily Combs, Alyssa Eblen, Hanah Feinstein, Kealy Ford, Shari Garrett, Danielle Heslin, Tess Luman, Bailey MacPherson, Darian Payne, Cat Peets, Halli Rider, Callie Skipper, Manali Sunkara, Anna Turpen, Julia Veiga

Mission Band:

Tucker Buffington, Miriam Chastain, Grace Dorminy, Hanah Feinstein, Darian Payne, Halli Rider


Claire Bicknell, Tucker Buffington, Asa Chastain, Miriam Chastain, Zollie Chastain, Emily Combs, Dane Croxton, Grace Dorminy, Alyssa Eblen, Hanah Feinstein, Kealy Ford, Madeline Gallagher, Jordan Garrett, Shari Garrett, Jared Guerrasio, Avery Haddon, Danielle Heslin, Kinsey Lee, Tess Luman, Bailey MacPherson, Jonathan Marciniak, Seth Martin, Thomas McFerran, Weylin Oliver, Darian Payne, Cat Peets, Halli Rider, Liv Semel, Holden Shanks, Callie Skipper, Hannah Stewart, Manali Sunkara, Anna Turpen, Julia Veiga

Additional JTF Cast:

Katie Crabtree, Ellis Cooper, Annie Lesser, Shannon Malone, Kristina Nash, Veronica Nash, Kelsey Schulman, Rockford Smith, Catie Urquhart

Special Thanks

A Special Thanks To: Todd and Becky Jordan, Acting Troupe of Lambert, and RMS Drama (Riverwatch Middle School) THANK YOU!!

Photo credits: Beth Luman

Guys and Dolls Jr. was presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).
All authorized performance materials were also supplied by MTI. 421 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019
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